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ADHD Doctors Near Birmingham, Michigan

Focus Partners is a membership-based medical practice that pairs individualized treatment with convenience and accessibility, designed specifically for adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Our board-certified doctors offer virtual appointments to evaluate, diagnose and treat (including medication management) adult ADHD symptoms via telehealth. We work with our members to treat their adult ADHD symptoms and help them unlock the power of their full potential at work, at home, or wherever they need it.

Meet your Birmingham ADHD doctor online via telehealth from your home (or anywhere else your smartphone or computer works), at your convenience!

As board-certified physicians, we are committed to providing safe and effective care of the highest quality to enhance patient health outcomes and elevate the overall experience for your ADHD treatment. We perform a thorough medical evaluation, carefully taking your personal medical history and your ADHD symptoms into account to establish treatment goals and determine whether Focus Partners is the right fit for you.

At Focus Partners, we believe in individualized patient care for ADHD treatment based on the latest clinical guidelines and regulations, evidence-based practice recommendations, patient preferences, and individual patient characteristics.  As part of our strategy to provide access to ADHD treatment at the convenience of our patients, Birmingham residents can now schedule a video appointment to meet with an ADHD doctor online via telehealth.

We are never more than a click away for our members. Members are provided with 24-hour access to the patient portal, which can be used to securely message providers with any questions about your ADHD treatment plan, access medical information, and request or change follow-up appointments.

Focus Partners is the perfect choice for anyone looking for specialized, convenient, and compassionate ADHD treatment near you.

How it Works

Find out how Focus Partners Membership works

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Step 1 – Take our online ADHD assessment

It takes less than 2 minutes to see if we can help.

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Step 2 – Meet with our Birmingham ADHD Doctors via telehealth

Use your phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your home, office, dorm, or other space that’s best for you.

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Step 3 – Manage your ADHD treatment online with ease

Membership includes easy refills, telehealth follow-up visits and continuous care via our patient portal.

Start your ADHD treatment today.

Yes, Membership is this simple.
No surprise fees or bills you can’t understand.

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$65 / month

Straight-forward monthly program
Consultation, diagnosis, and personalized treatment plan with Dr. Durrani or one of our other Board-certified providers
24/7 access to our patient portal, monthly refills, continuous telehealth care, and convenient quarterly follow-up visits with no additional fees
FSA / HSA funds accepted
*Monthly fee does not include the cost of any medication
*Focus Partners does not currently accept insurance

Birmingham ADHD Doctors

Frequently Asked Questions