Transcript of ADHD Treatment Q&A

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Do you outgrow ADHD as an Adult?

Dr. Durrani:  Outgrowing ADHD is, unfortunately, a big myth that people are told. ADHD, unfortunately, especially in adults, is something that’s here to stay. We can learn to manage it and we can learn to adapt to it. But when we start to think that we’re moving past it entirely, we start to fall back into old patterns. And I do get a lot of patients coming back to me to recenter themselves. And if that happened to you, that’s OK. We can get you back on track.

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Who are members of the Focus Partners practice?

Dr. Durrani:  My patients are everyone from the overworked thirty, forty-something year old working mother to the twenty five year old grad student, to the lawyers, the doctors, everybody. Basically, what we found is adult ADHD is not only underdiagnosed, but undertreated. And in a world where we have all these technological advances, unfortunately from the pandemic, we’ve been able to treat people from their homes.

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What are some symptoms of ADHD?

Dr. Durrani:  What are the symptoms of ADHD? Are you having trouble organizing your thoughts, are you having trouble in school or work even home, getting the laundry done, getting your schoolwork done, actually being able to complete a project on time and to the best of your ability if you’re having issues with any of these, as well as issues regulating your emotions.

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What is “hyper focus” with ADHD?

Dr. Durrani:  One interesting symptom of ADHD is hyper focus, and this is one that can trick a lot of patients into thinking that they don’t have ADHD. I’m paying a lot of attention to this. How could I possibly suffer from this? Well, is it affecting you from getting your other projects done? Are you able to focus on this one thing at home, work or school, but those other two areas are suffering? This is often a misdiagnosed attribute of ADHD that we can help you with today.

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How can Focus Partners help me with school?

Dr. Durrani:   One of the main issues I get with patients is I can’t believe I wasn’t diagnosed earlier. How much better could I have done in school, particularly in college? It’s a lot. It’s your first time on your own, away from your parents having to juggle all of your schoolwork and social activities and everything on your own. A lot of the times these are my patients that benefit the most, because if you’re able to kind of nip this in the bud and learn better practices and be properly managed at a younger age, you’re set up for a brighter future.

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How do you schedule an appointment with Focus Partners?

Dr. Durrani:  Scheduling an appointment with Focus Partners could not be easier. You can either self-schedule through our portal or give us a call so we can help you today.

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What are the advantages of telehealth for ADHD treatment?

Dr. Durrani:  One of the biggest benefits of telemedicine is you can see me from anywhere. From your car, if you have to, from your house, from work, if you get a break. I really love being able to see people in their own environment where they feel comfortable.

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What’s the best part about treating patients with adult ADHD?

Dr. Durrani:  One of the biggest things I love about helping people with ADHD is just getting to see how it improves their lives. I have patients from all walks of life. I have, you know, patients that are teachers. They’re overworked, underpaid and not able to keep up with the constant demands, especially in the ever changing world we’ve been living in the last two years. Patients that are doctors, lawyers, overwhelmed with patients and cases, and they just can’t seem to keep everything together or everything organized. It’s so cool when I get to follow up with them after meeting them in the consultation, and they’re doing way better.