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Intro to our trusted online ADHD treatment and evaluation services

Allow us to introduce ourselves in this inaugural blog post. We are Focus Partners, the Midwest’s premier independent membership-based medical practice dedicated to treating adults living with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  We provide the best online ADHD treatment services available to you.  Our providers at Focus Partners listen to you to empower you to reach your full potential. We will provide some honest and candid commentary in this blog. We plan to work together with all of you to continue breaking the stigma of adult ADHD so that people get the assistance they need.

Focus Partners began as a simple start-up medical practice to help those that were either too afraid to bring up the conversation of ADHD with their primary care providers (PCPs) or that were brave enough to bring it up only to be dismissed (“adult ADHD isn’t real”). Or that faced 3-6 month wait times to schedule an appointment with an ADHD specialist that could help. We are solving this issue one patient at a time, now working with members in Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. We have members in Chicago, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Ann Arbor and have some big expansion plans in the works for 2022.

ADHD diagnosis and treatment online

The advantages of providing online ADHD diagnosis and treatment services for adult ADHD are (or should be) clear to everyone. Focus Partners makes it even easier. Our program is one flat monthly fee that covers your initial consultation, automatic electronic refills and any follow-up appointments or questions that you have. There are no extra fees if you want to check in with questions or just let us know how you’re doing.

The initial consultation is risk free. If we are not able to establish a treatment plan, you will not be charged. As of this post, the monthly program fee is $65 per month. We can’t guarantee this won’t go up for new members, but your rate won’t as long as you are a continuous member of Focus Partners. You also don’t have to worry about us running a special for a reduced consultation fee the week after you sign up either, which we have heard is done by certain online ADHD treatment services.

Other online ADHD treatment services

We receive a lot of questions about how we differ from some of these online ADHD treatment companies like Donefirst, Cerebral, Klarity ADHD, etc. The key difference is that Focus Partners is a real medical practice that is backed and managed by physicians. We are invested in our members’ well-being. Our goal is not to see an infinitely high volume of patients, which might sacrifice your experience and care. With fully licensed physicians, there are no limitations on ADHD medication management like you might see with other ADHD treatment services (ex: not able to prescribe Schedule II stimulants).

We work with several members that switched over from one of these other online ADHD treatment services. Focus Partners does not charge a separate fee for the initial consultation. We can help whether you are looking to get an ADHD diagnosis for the first time or transfer your ADHD medication management to our ADHD specialists. Please schedule an appointment with us today.

If you have any questions or think we can help manage your ADHD, please visit the rest of our site, shoot us an email or leave a comment below. We appreciate your feedback and are always learning from each other and our members. We will be adding more states for online ADHD treatment throughout 2022. Good luck to all – make yourselves a great day.